Access a Network that Will Help You Successfully Commercialize Precision-Medicine Diagnostics

AmerisourceBergen is driving innovative partnerships with global manufacturers, providers and pharmacies to improve product access and efficiency throughout the healthcare supply chain. As part of the largest global generics purchasing organization, the leading specialty pharmaceutical services provider and the partner with more community and health system pharmacy relationships than any other—we’re well positioned to help you capitalize on the dynamic changes in healthcare. From product and diagnostic commercialization, distribution to pharmacy, and provider and manufacturer solutions, we’re working with you every day to enhance patient care. 

As part of AmerisourceBergen, Premier Source has access to diversified knowledge and expertise, unmatched reach and key strategic partnerships, which positions the company well to become a hub for personalized medicine, now and well into the future. Premier Source has a unique opportunity to help truly shape the delivery of precision healthcare for the patients that need it most.  


Through Premier Source and AmerisourceBergen, you’ll have access to extensive knowledge and expertise across a wide range of essential competencies required to successfully bring much needed PMDxs to market. This expertise and knowledge includes everything from dispensing specialty medicines, devices and diagnostics through our considerable specialty pharmacy network to global sourcing and distribution. We have both the means and the expertise required to help you successfully bring your precision-medicine diagnostic to market, both domestically and abroad. 


AmerisourceBergen gives Premier Source unmatched reach, leveraging the largest specialty physician network in the country. Through this specialty physician network, we have access to thousands of practices across a wide range of specialties including oncology, rheumatology, nephrology, urology and ophthalmology. Complementing this substantial specialty physician network is one of the largest specialty GPO networks, which offers significant collective-buying power and purchasing programs to manage the cost of care.


The close, hands-on, working relationship Premier Source’s team of experts has with our diagnostic clients enables us to truly understand the business challenges faced. There are a large number of AmerisourceBergen companies that we can call upon to address unique and difficult challenges as they arise. 

Amerisourcebergen: Committed To Advancing The Promise Of Personalized Medicine

Despite the cost-efficiency of more targeted treatment, barriers to access continue to exist, specifically for the companion diagnostics that play a critical role in ensuring the right therapeutic option is recommended to the right patient, at the right time. So how can diagnostic manufacturers overcome these barriers?

• Payers rely on diagnostics manufacturers to understand how a diagnostic aids in patient management with evidence that validates the predictive ability 
of the test and provides real-world learnings so they can adapt utilization management measures accordingly. Generating
 a combination of clinical and genomic/genetic data provides stronger rationale to payers 
for approval and use.

• Providers, from community 
practices to large health systems, need regular education about new diagnostics, clinical evidence to demonstrate the effectiveness of targeted therapies, and technology solutions that make it easier to integrate PM into practice workflow.

• And patients depend on reimbursement and financial assistance support programs to overcome challenges related to coverage and affordability.

AmerisourceBergen is committed to advancing the promise of personalized medicine. With knowledge of all relevant stakeholders, we have aggregated expertise from across our network and designed unique solutions to expand access and integrate personalized medicine so it can reach its full potential – improving outcomes for patients while driving efficiency across the healthcare continuum. Premier Source, as well as a number of other AmerisourceBergen companies, offer manufacturer solutions to drive product commercialization. Here are examples of those within our network that you can leverage to help successfully commercialize your precision-medicine diagnostic (PMDx).

Lash Group

ION Solutions


Innomar Strategies

Besse Medical


Pharmacy Networks and Programs

Pharmacies turn to AmerisourceBergen for powerful services and solutions that result in greater operational efficiency, cost control, growth opportunities and patient safety. That means industry-leading sourcing and distribution for products across the global healthcare supply chain. It also means solutions that help pharmacies improve their business performance, create opportunities to attract and retain patients and generate new revenue streams.

While personalized medicine faces significant hurdles to mainstream adoption, AmerisourceBergen has 
the knowledge, reach, and partnership to successfully commercialize these innovative technologies and their related biopharmaceutical treatments. 

AmerisourceBergen. Where knowledge, reach and partnership shape healthcare delivery.