At Premier Source, we understand what it takes to commercialize a novel, precision-medicine diagnostic (PMDx).

These diagnostics have played and continue to play a very important role in the evolution of personalized medicine. The investment behind them is considerable and the scientific breakthroughs are outstanding. Ensuring these potentially game-changing diagnostics become commercialized is a must, and requires a knowledgeable and competent partner. Premier Source is just such a partner.

Premier Source guides PDMx companies every step along the path to commercialization – from helping define the utility of the diagnostic, to determining the right reimbursement strategies to ensure optimal coverage, to designing and implementing billing strategies that ensure timely filing and collection of claims. Thanks to their knowledge and expertise, no stone is left unturned, and thanks to the hands-on, white-glove service that sets Premier Source apart, our team of experts and our clients have been able to successfully commercialize numerous diagnostics that have helped changed the lives of patients for the better.

Data is always an important driver of business decisions. At Premier Source we understand that this is perhaps even more important when commercializing a PMDx. There is data generation required to help define the utility for the diagnostic, there are considerable claims management data requirements and so on. That is why Premier Source has developed a suite of reports that are readily accessible to clients. These reports can be tailored to meet specific data analytics needs, whatever they may be. An example of one of the custom reports produced is our Effective Business Review (EBR), currently generated on a quarterly basis. This report allows diagnostic providers and manufacturers to review their performance and assess their overall effectiveness throughout the year, enabling them to implement changes if necessary. It also provides them with important information, which can impact business decisions.

The free exchange of information between Premier Source and our clients is an important component of our hands-on, collaborative approach. To make it easier for our clients to review their business effectiveness and ongoing activities with Premier Source, we have created a password protected client portal, which can be accessed any time from anywhere. There are seven different reports that are available through this portal; each is sortable to provide even greater customization to make the consumption of data easier and more efficient for our clients.