The billing requirements of novel, precision-medicine diagnostic (PMDx) companies vary greatly from one company to the next. 

This can be and often is affected by the resources they have available. Some companies have an abundance of resources, enabling them to manage their own billing. Premier Source can help these companies by providing guidance on how to optimize their billing procedures to make sure that they are filing claims efficiently and collecting upon them in a timely manner.

Other companies have neither the know-how, nor the necessary resources to enable them to perform their own billing. Premier Source has the knowledge, expertise and resources to manage the entire billing process if necessary. Our team of experts can:

  • Process claims
  • Create and submit claims
  • Manage lockbox payments and correspondence
  • Look after remittance management
  • Manage appeals
  • Track and follow-up on claims as well as perform institutional or roster billing

Filing and tracking claims is obviously integral to the economic viability of a PMDx. At Premier Source, we have developed a proprietary technology platform to help maximize the efficiency of this entire process. Our web-based case management application is used to administer all of our reimbursement, patient and physician support programs. It is capable of accommodating the specific and varied data needs of each of our clients. Through this application we are able to track ongoing case information and activities as well as tasks to be completed in order to resolve cases, in a timely fashion.  This application also serves as a data repository, allowing us to track common activities, issues, and events encountered during the course of a claim approval, which helps us identify and proactively implement strategies and solutions to address potential challenges.