Premier Source is a pioneer in reimbursement services for novel, precision-medicine diagnostics (PMDx). The company has over 10 years of experience in shaping and defining this space. 

We understand what payers are looking for when determining the level of reimbursement coverage for a PMDx and use this knowledge to guide our clients’ market access strategies. We know how to put the strongest case forward for any diagnostic. As your partner, we work together to ensure that the right reimbursement coverage is achieved, thereby maximizing access for patients who could potentially benefit from your diagnostic assay.

The proprietary platform that has been designed and created by Premier Source provides our clients with unrivalled access into ongoing claims. This up-to-the-minute tracking of information allows physicians and patients to identify the most affordable and efficient access points. It enables them to make informed decisions about if, when and whether or not PMDx are appropriate. This information is valuable and it also gives clients a sense of satisfaction in knowing that their test is being used by the most appropriate patient at the most appropriate time. It also helps to further establish the utility of the diagnostic, which is so important when trying to obtain reimbursement coverage.

At Premier Source, we are acutely aware of the fact that even once optimal reimbursement coverage is obtained, there will be those who can still not afford their portion of the cost associated for a particular diagnostic. That is why, as part of the overall reimbursement support provided, Premier Source will work with our clients to develop patient assistance programs that provide support for uninsured, financially challenged patients, ensuring that they can gain access to diagnostic assays, regardless of their financial means.